About My Comic Shop

Welcome to our webshop!
We are Peter and Rutger, two comic book collectors from Belgium and The Netherlands. We met through a comic book forum on Facebook where we talked about comics and shared ideas.

Selling our double comic book issues we acquired from collecting comics over the years. Peter was running Pé’s comics.be and Rutger mycomicshop.nl.

Peter who was also attending Comic conventions got some help from Rutger who was curious about how it was at the other side of the table.

After we forged plans in the fires of mount doom, we decided to join forces.

Rutger is a tech-wizard, so obviously his site was miles ahead on Peter’s do-it-yourself-copy/paste site. We made a new site which is even better than the old one: faster, easier to navigate and more importantly even more comics!

You can find our comics on www.mycomicshop.nl /.be /.de. How neat is that?!

Peter also sells comic related trading cards, buttons and makes (custom) wooden boards on demand. Check out the site for more details on these!

What we do

All our comics are 2nd hand, we don’t buy new comics directly from the distributors
We buy collections so email us and we will work something out
In some cases we sell on consignment basis. Again, email us and we will work something out

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