Amazing Spider-Man (1963 1st Series) Annual #27P

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First appearance of Annex in "Prepare Yourself for...Annex." Script by Jack C. Harris, pencils by Tom Lyle, inks by Scott Hanna. Back-up stories: Black Cat and Solo in "Dead Reackoning." Script by Eric Fein, pencils by Scott Kolins, inks by Bud LaRosa; the Lizard in "The Lizard Must Be Destroyed." Script by Mike Lackey, pencils by Aaron Lopresti, inks by Andy Mushynsky; and John Jameson in "Estrangements and Reunions." Script by Fein, pencils by Larry Alexander, inks by Bud LaRosa. Also, 5 pages Maximum Carnage cover gallery. Lyle cover.

This issue is polybagged with an Annex trading card and a 1993 Annuals card.

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