Caravan Kidd Part 1 (1992) #1 -

Caravan Kidd Part 1 (1992) #1

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By JOHJI MANABE. In a far-flung future, the ruthless Helgebard Empire wages war against the free nations and city-states along its borders. Law and order have broken down completely as hordes of refugees flee the advancing Helgebard. Babo, an inveterate dealer and con man, and his loyal but dim sidekick, Wataru, meet a roving swordswoman named Mian Toris. Babo and Wataru are even more stunned when Toris snaps collars on them and makes them her servants! The imperious Toris leads her companions on a wild run across the continent, all the while pursued by the forces of Helgebard! Cover price $2.50.

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