Star Wars Dark Empire (1991) #6A

Star Wars Dark Empire (1991) #6A

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1st printing - Written by Tom Veitch. Art by Cam Kennedy. Cover by Dave Dorman.

Left behind on Byss, Luke travels with the newly-powerful Emperor Palpatine to capture his sister Leia. Meanwhile, the Jedi Holocron delivers a thousand-year-old prophecy to Leia, which tells of her battle against the young Emperor! And as the Battle of Calimari rages over the waters of that world and the Mon Calimari Rebels wonder when their savior Luke will shut down the killing machines, a battle begins above them that overshadows the outcome of their more conventional war... The key to their survival all comes down to the data carried inside one brave little robot.

32 pages, FC. Cover price $2.95.

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