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Dark Days The Road to Metal TPB (2019)

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1st printing. Collects Dark Days: The Forge (2017 DC) Batman, Flash, Dark Days: The Casting (2017) Batman vs. Joker, Final Crisis (2008) #6-7, Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne (2010) #1, Batman (2016 3rd Series) #38-39, and Nightwing (2016) #17 and material from Detective Comics (2016) #950 and The Multiversity Guidebook (2015).

Written by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Grant Morrison, Tom King, and Tim Seeley. Art by Jim Lee, Andy Kubert, John Romita Jr., J.G. Jones, Carlos Pacheco, Jesus Merino, Doug Mahnke, Christian Alamy, Chris Sprouse, Travis Moore, Joëlle Jones, Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, Javi Fernandez, and Rian Hughes. Cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams.

For years, Batman has been tracking a mystery. He's quietly been pulling a thread, conducting research in secret laboratories across the globe and stowing evidence deep in the Batcave, hidden even from his closest allies. Now, in an epic story spanning generations, the heroes and villains of the DC Universe, including Green Lantern, The Joker, Wonder Woman and more, are about to find out what he's discovered-and it could threaten the very existence of the Multiverse!

This trade paperback edition includes the stories that built the foundations of Metal!

Softcover, 304 pages, full color.

Cover price $19.99.

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