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Dirty Pair Anime Comics (1994) #2

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Yuri and Kei character profile.

The Story Of The Dirty Pair article. Ammo Of The Heart photo story, script by Toshimichi Okawa, Fred Burke (English adaptation), and Toshifumi Yoshida (English adaptation); The Lovely Angels go into an outlaw encampment known as Poisonville to rescue a group of captive scientists being forced to make weapons; And one of the captives is Yuri's childhood friend Billy Galet; this is an adaptation of episode 8 of the 1985 Dirty Pair television series, originally titled "Gotta Do It; Love Is A Woman's Detonator"; it is illustrated by stills from the original television show. Mughi, Nanmo, The Lovely Angel, and Chief Gooley supporting character profiles.

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