Macross II Micron Conspiracy (1994) #1 -

Macross II Micron Conspiracy (1994) #1

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Written by James D. Hudnall. Art by Schulhoff Tam.

The all-new, American-made sequel to Macross II! When Viz first adapted the anime hit Macross II in 1992, Macross II was a hit. Now, Viz has brought back writer/translator James D. Hudnall, and teamed him with Battle Angel Alita cover artist Schulhoff Tam, for this all-new, original sequel to the series! We meet up again with Hibiki and Silvie, one year after the events of the first series -- and the defeat of the dictator Ingues.

Since then, an "eternal treaty of peace" was signed between the peoples of the Earth and the Marduk, and a kind of prosperity reigns. But a spate of unexplained attacks against Zentraedi living on Earth throws Hibiki and Silvie together once more to solve the mystery! Are the recent events nothing more than a slight bubble in the Earth/Zentraedi melting pot...or are there more sinister forces at work?

32 pages, B&W. Cover price $2.75.

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