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Witchcraft La Terreur (1998) #1

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Presenting a thrilling 3-issue sequel to the critically acclaimed Witchcraft miniseries.

As the French Revolution reaches a fever pitch, most Gauls have chosen either to join in the mass executions taking place in the Parisian streets, or to flee the city. Young Isadore Hibbert does neither. She arrives to free her lover, jailed for his aristocratic connections. Fueled by romantic innocence and the support of two mysterious old shopkeepers, she makes a bid for her lover's freedom by first approaching the famed witch Catherine La Voisin--and then the ramparts of La Grande Prison. But magic has a price, and Isadore may not be able to afford the cost of the witch's boon.

Written by James Robinson. Art by Michael Zulli and Vince Locke. Painted cover by Michael Kaluta.

Mature Readers. FC, 32 pg. Rebax Format. Cover price $2.50.

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