About Mycomicshop.be


Welcome to my webshop!

I'm Peter from Antwerp, a collector of comics and trading cards. My collecting story started with trading cards and the Dutch Juniorpress comics back in the eighties. My dad collects European comics (Thorgal, XIII, etc) and had a little section in his collection of the Dutch Spider-Man comics. I loved them so much I started collecting all the Dutch comics I could find. After a while I had them all and decided to switch to US comics. Since then, there's no way back...

On this site I'm selling my double comic book issues I acquired from collecting and buying comics over the years. 

All my comics are 2nd hand, I don’t buy new comics directly from the distributors.

I buy collections so email me and we will work something out.
In some cases I sell on consignment basis. Again, email me and we will work something out.

If you attend comic cons, don't hesitate to come say hi! 

 Enjoy browsing my comics!