Alien Legion (1987 2nd Series) #5 -

Alien Legion (1987 2nd Series) #5

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Cover pencils by Larry Stroman, inks by Frank Cirocco. Archie Goodwin cartoon introducing the new Alien Legion series. "Dead and Buried," script by Chuck Dixon (script), Carl Potts (producer, plot), and Alan Zelenetz (plot), pencils by Larry Stroman, inks by Randy Emberlin

Two years after losing Nomad Squadron on a suicide mission on Quaal, Major Sarigar resigns his commission; Sarigar then searches for answers about what exactly happened on Nomad Squadron's last mission.

Introduction from Carl Potts to the new Alien Legion series, art by Larry Stroman. Legion is back with a new writer! A new First issue! And an All New Format!

36 pgs., full color. Cover price $1.25.

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