American Freak A Tale of the Un-Men (1994) #1 -

American Freak A Tale of the Un-Men (1994) #1

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Damien Kane was going on twenty-four when the pains began. His eyes would feel like orbs of molten metal in their sockets; the muscles in his abdomen would stretch and shriek like tortured cats. Damien did what anyone would do under the circumstances - he called the only family he'd known since his parents died, the U.S. Army. They flew him to an Army base in Louisiana where he was met by Doctor David Manguy, the man who'd brought him into the world. Manguy took Damien to a secret cryogenic crypt in the basement of his laboratory and showed him the twisted remains of two deformed creatures who had been cobbled together by the insane genius Anton Arcane as part of yet another experiment in the pursuit of immortality. The guards in Manguy's lab called these monsters the Un-Men.

Dr. Manguy told Damien to call them Mom and Dad. Manguy told Damien the horrifying truth: Biology is destiny. Damien's genetic structure had remained stable for a long time, but now his body felt it was time for a change. Now Damien embarks on a journey beyond the borders of the human condition and into the Wasteland where freaks are family, and where the Un-Men live out an uncertain existence. Written by Dave Louapre, with art by Vince Locke. Photo cover by Stan Gaz and Richard Bruning.

Suggested for Mature Readers. New Format. Cover price $1.95.

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