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Avengers 1 1/2 (1999)

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A never before seen saga of the original Avengers by the master animator known as Bruce Timm!

The God of Thunder. A millionaire playboy. A brutish man-monster. A brilliant scientist. A sassy socialite. How did Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk, Giant-Man and the Wasp bond together into the Earth's Mightiest Heroes? What was their first organizational meeting like? Why is Jarvis the only servant working in the Avengers Mansion? Find out as their alliance is threatened in this one-shot set between issues #1 and #2 of the original series! Featuring Doctor Doom.

Written by Roger Stern. Art and cover by Bruce Timm. (In keeping with its historical context, this 32-page one-shot features phony (yet funny) retro ads!) Cover price $2.50.

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