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Avengers (1963 1st Series) #351

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"Retribution!" Script by Bob Harras. Pencils by Kevin West. Inks by Bud LaRosa. Cover by Steve Epting and Tom Palmer.

In shocking fashion last issue, Raza stabbed the Black Knight during their duel in the hangar bay! And upon discovering their fallen teammate, Earth's Mightiest Heroes lash out at the Starjammers! Hercules and Thor drive Raza and Ch'od out of the mansion and temporarily defuse the situation! But the Avengers still want vengeance! So the Black Widow sends the Vision, Prince of Power, thunder god, Sersi, and Binary to chase the renegade Starjammers, while Crystal oversees Dane's emergency medical treatment! When the Avengers catch up to the runaway space pirates, the battle is short and sweet! How will Raza slime his way out of this mess? And back at the mansion, another treacherous starjammer makes her move to finish the job on the wounded knight! With "friends" like the Starjammers, the Avengers don't need any enemies! 

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