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Avengers Timeslide (1996)

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"Timeslide" Plot by Bob Harras and Terry Kavanagh. Script by Bob Harras. Pencils by Roger Cruz, Luke Ross, Fabin Laguna, Frank Toscano, Manny Clark, and Oclair Albert. Inks by Scott Koblish and Rene Micheletti. Wraparound foil cover by Roger Cruz and Luke Ross.

Story continues from Avengers 394. Earth's Mightiest Heroes realize the only way to stop Iron Man's reign of terror is to go back to their mansion and bust through that mysterious door in the sub-basement! To that end no less than eight avengers including Thor and Captain America assault their Fifth Avenue home! With an urgent fury, the Avengers battle past Malachi, Tobias, and the Anachronauts; and at long last reach the door! The Prince of Power rips open the portal and dramatically unleashes an awesome timestream vortex! The powerful time current sweeps the Vision, Black Widow, Cap, Jarvis, and Tobias...ten years into the past!

And once there the trio of avengers will search for the teenage Tony Stark and attempt to bring him back to the present! The trail begins at the Stark family townhouse and ends in Castle Latveria! Can Earth's Mightiest Heroes slide across time and finally stop the Crossing? Story continues in Iron Man 325 and concludes in Avengers 395.

First appearance of Teen Tony.

48 pages. Cover price $4.95.

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