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Barb Wire Movie Special (1996)

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Written by Sarah Byam. Art by Gordon Purcell, Jeff Albrecht, Brian Garvey, Terry Pallot and Gary Martin. Cover by Wren Maloney.

In 2017, the urban wasteland of Steel Harbor is the only neutral territory in America's second civil war, and Barb Wire's Hammerhead Bar is the favorite watering hole for soldiers from both sides. But when a freedom fighter from Barb's past seeks her help, the oppressive forces of the Congressional Directorate threaten to destroy everything she's worked so hard to build. Barb discovers that the things you'd never do for money, you might do for love -- or revenge.

Dark Horse Comics' beautiful bounty hunter comes to the silver screen in the person of Pamela Anderson, and only Dark Horse could capture all of that action on the comics page! The entire story is being captured in this forty-eight page comic book, so those who discover Barb through the movie will have a one-shot introduction to the tough woman from Steel Harbor -- and with a gorgeous photo cover featuring Pamela, none of those new fans are likely to miss it! Rev your engines and prepare for a fusillade of bikes, bullets, bad guys, and babes!

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