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Batman Lobo (2000)

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The Batman vs. th' Main Man. When the Joker hires Lobo to kill the Dark Knight, it's not what you'd expect. Actually, it's exactly what you'd expect. The no-holds-barred battle of the century erupts in BATMAN/LOBO, a Prestige Format Elseworlds one-shot that reunites LOBO writer Alan Grant with the bad-boy artist who put Lobo on the map: Simon Bisley.

As hilarious as it is brutal, BATMAN/LOBO features a unique Bisley cover painting that perfectly mirrors the carnage found inside. The Joker and the Ventriloquist are locked in a deadly contest to see who will emerge as the ultimate boss of Gotham. But the Ventriloquist has a secret weapon: the indestructible bounty hunter from space, Lobo. Always thinking, the Clown Prince of Crime gets Lobo to take a side job first: offing the Batman! If Batman wins, the Joker lives.

If Lobo wins, the Dark Knight is dead. Seems like the Joker's got all the angles covered...or does he? See Batman, Nightwing and Robin make an incredible last stand against an unbeatable foe! Learn the terrible secret that links Batman and the Joker! Ache with laughter as Lobo wipes out everything Batman holds dear ? and then pays the price ? in a Batman book so cheerfully gruesome that it had to be an Elseworlds!!

BATMAN/LOBO is a 48-page Prestige Format one-shot edited by Dan Raspler. Cover price $5.95.

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