Batman vs. Predator II Bloodmatch (1994) #1 -

Batman vs. Predator II Bloodmatch (1994) #1

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Months ago, Batman narrowly defeated an alien hunter that terrorized Gotham City. In return, the creature's species vowed never again to use the Dark Knight's city as its hunting grounds...but a reckless young Predator with dreams of glory has chosen to break that vow and renews the hunt, seeking to overthrow the upstart human 'Champion.'

While Batman is stalked by the Predator, hired assassins of a Gotham crimelord are also after the Dark Knight. Into this deadly game is drawn the Huntress and a duo of Predators seeking to salvage their race's honor by stopping the young rogue.

Written by Doug Moench, with art by Paul Gulacy and Terry Austin.

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