Black Orchid (1993 2nd Series) Annual #1 -

Black Orchid (1993 2nd Series) Annual #1

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Continued from Childrens Crusade (1993) #1. The first of three tales by series writer Dick Foreman focuses on Suzy, the child Black Orchid introduced in the Gaiman/McKean miniseries, and delves into the nature of her plant consciousness. Art by Gary Amaro and Jason Minor. In the second part, with art by Charlie Adlard, Suzy is lured into Free Country by a mischievous, possibly malevolent elf. The third story looks back to 1979 and the first Black Orchid in a story illustrated by Phil Hester and Bruce McCorkindale. Painted cover by Dave McKean. THE CHILDREN'S CRUSADE continues in Animal Man Annual (1993) #1. 68 pages.

Suggested for Mature Readers. New Format. Cover price $3.95.

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