Blood Syndicate (1993 DC/Milestone) #1DP -

Blood Syndicate (1993 DC/Milestone) #1DP

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BAGGED with trading card, Direct Market edition

Rob Chaplik, a reporter for the Dakota Chronicle, ventures onto Paris Island, "the most dangerous municipality in America," to chase down rumors of a new element in Dakota's gang culture. She finds the Blood Syndicate possessing superhuman abilities and more brutally lethal than she thought possible. Now Rob accompanies the Syndicate as they wage a violent, super-powered assault on a local "crack factory." This journey through an urban nightmare makes quite an adventure for Rob, until she becomes a victim of violence herself. Written by Dwayne McDuffie and Ivan Velez, Jr., with art by Trevor Von Eeden and Andrew Pepoy. Covers for both direct market and newsstand editions by Denys Cowan and Jimmy Palmiotti.

#1DP contains: a 13" x 20" 4-color poster of the cover, a trading card produced in cooperation with SkyBox International and set 'B' (the second 4 parts) of a giant 16-piece color mural.

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