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Bloodbath (1993) Complete set

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#1 - 2

BLOODLINES, DC's 1993 Annuals event, reaches its pulse-pounding grand finale in BLOODBATH, a 2-part miniseries (continued from Legion (1989) Annual #4) that draws together most of the world's heroes for the final battle against the deadly alien parasites.

The one, true Superman joins the fight, along with the new Batman, as the parasites' savage attacks become a worldwide emergency. A strike force of heroes takes the struggle to the huge, long-hidden home of the parasites...a battle that culminates in the rise of the gargantuan parasite offspring known as the Taker. Concludes in Bloodbath (1993) #2.

Written by Dan Raspler, with art by Chuck Wojtkiewicz, Bill Willingham, Agop Gemdjian and K.S. Wilson. Cover with fluorescent fifth color ink by Ed Hannigan and Tom McWeeney.

68 pages. New Format. There are 25 annuals in the 1993 Bloodlines series. Cover price $3.50.


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