Captain America Nick Fury The Otherworld War (2001) -

Captain America Nick Fury The Otherworld War (2001)

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cover by leonardo manco peter hogan/leonardo manco


THE LOWDOWN: The Red Skull! The Howling Commandos! Clea and the Ancient One? Marvel celebrates Captain America's 60th Anniversary with a wild new tale of World War II action -- spiked with magic! ? THE STORY: Unveiling one of Cap's most offbeat adventures! Captain America and Sgt. Fury join forces to take out the hated Red Skull, who has stolen a mysterious secret weapon! But when the Nazi booty triggers a gateway to the Dark Dimension, Cap and Fury find themselves face-to-face with unimaginable horrors -- girded only by their two- fisted resolve! The Allies won World War II -- but can they win this Otherworld War? ?

THE CREATORS: Vertigo scribe Peter Hogan (The Dreaming) pens a tale of the supernatural, brought to vivid life by Leonardo Manco (DOOM)! ?

THE FORMAT: 64-page bookshelf one-shot. Cover price $6.95.

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