Caravan Kidd Part 3 (1994) #5 -

Caravan Kidd Part 3 (1994) #5

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By JOHJI MANABE. No sooner than Wataru announces his love for Mian Toris, she is dismembered and impaled on Empress Shion's energy sword. Wataru wants revenge, but it's plain to see that he's no match for Shion. The Creator himself may be no match for Shion either. She's juiced up the Citadel's power-transmission system containing all of the planet's energy, and Mian's jacked into it to turbo-charge the power! The Creator's ship is positioned high over the Citadel to absorb the planet's energy, but the power beam heading its way may be more than it can handle! Is this Shion's moment of triumph? Is Wataru's love interest nothing more than a sexy circuit board? And what is that stirring in the ashes of the fortress' trash incinerator? Cover price $2.50.

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