Concrete Think Like a Mountain (1996) Complete Set -

Concrete Think Like a Mountain (1996) Complete Set

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Story and art by Paul Chadwick. Cover by Geof Darrow.

Most of us have trouble enough just getting by. We never know how far we'd go for our beliefs. But environmental-minded Concrete faces just that when he's lured to the Pacific Northwest by a small group from Earth First! These are the guerillas of the environmental movement. They resist, blockade, and sometimes monkeywrench, wrecking equipment worth millions. They also spike trees. Concrete would be the ultimate monkeywrencher if he can be persuaded -- or manipulated -- into crossing the line. And he can.

This six-part series explores the history of Earth First! and the moral questions it raises in a heady mix of suspense, humor, sexual tension, and painless dollops of natural history.

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