Gargoyles (1995) #1

Gargoyles (1995) #1

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Cardstock Embossed Cover. Written by Martin Pasko. Art by Amanda Conner and Alberto Saichann. Cover by Joe Madureira and Jimmy Palmiotti.

Fiends In High Places; David Xanatos is up to his same tricks as and Demona try to capture the Gargoyles; They do this by setting up the Gargoyles and making them look bad; It is up to Eliza Maza to protect the Gargoyles' reputation but things are made more difficult for her when Goliath won't stay out of it and she has to hide things from her new partner Matt Bluestone. Written In Stone introduction to the characters and creative team, written by Hildy Mesnik, art by Amanda Conner and Alberto Saichann.

36 pages, full color. $2.50. Cover price $2.50.

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