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Spectacular Spider-Man (1976 1st Series) #159

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"Acts of Vengeance" crossover. Cosmic powered Spider-Man. "These Shattered Senses!" Script by Gerry Conway. Art by Sal Buscema (breakdowns) and Mike Esposito (finishes). Cover by Sal Buscema.

The Brothers Grimm are the next villains ready to challenge the cosmic-powered Spider-Man! The ghoulish duo plans to lift Madison Square Garden high above Manhattan, and then let the world's most famous sports arena crash down to Earth! It is truly great that the wall-crawler has cosmic powers, because he is going to need them to save MSG and the civilians trapped inside! Story continues in Web of Spider-Man 60. Cameo appearances by Doctor Doom and the Wizard.

32 pages Cover price $1.00.

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