Cosmic Powers Unlimited (1995) #3 -

Cosmic Powers Unlimited (1995) #3

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Starmasters/Cosmic Powers x-over, part 3/5. Cover pencils by Claudio Castellini, inks by Paul Neary. God Help the Mister--That Comes Between Me and My Sister, script by Michael Gallagher, art by Sandu Florea

Jack of Hearts and the Spinsters become embroiled in a battle between Jakar and Tyrant. Untitled Silver Surfer story, script by Gregory Wright, pencils by John Buscema, inks by Geof Isherwood; Jack and the Surfer defeat Jakar. Cutting a Deal!, script by Lovern Kindzierski, pencils by Daerick Gross, inks by Jim Royal and Chad Hunt; Lunatik faces the menace of a used-spaceship salesman.

68 pgs. $3.95. Cover price $3.95.

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