Cosmic Powers Unlimited (1995) #4 -

Cosmic Powers Unlimited (1995) #4

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Starmasters/Cosmic Powers x-over, part 4/5.

The Silver Surfer must find Beta Ray Bill so that the Korbinite may communicate with the hybrid cosmic plague in "The Plague War." Continued from Starmasters (1995 Marvel) #3. Continues in Cosmic Powers Unlimited (1995) #5.

Written by Gregory Wright. Pencils by Scot Eaton & Dave Hoover. Inks by Pam Eklund, Don Hudson & Hoover. Featuring the Star Masters: Quasar, Beta Ray Bill, Silver Surfer, Xenith & Captain Morfex. Plus: Drax stars in "Mind Body Soul" by Barry Dutter & Dave Hoover.

Wraparound cover by Claudio Castellini & Cabrera. Cover price $3.95.

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