Crew (2003) #5 -

Crew (2003) #5

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Cover art by J. H. Williams III. Big Trouble in Little Mogadishu

Chapter Five: Josiah, script by Christopher Priest, pencils by Joe Bennett, inks by Danny Mikki and Crime Lab Studios; In 1953, Josiah Bradley is born to a surrogate mother as an experiment to create a new Super Soldier; Being sent away by his real mother he grows up in an orphanage and ends up a soldier in Vietnam; After being sent to Ft. Leavenworth he is found by authorities and tested; He escapes from captivity and travels the world; Later, he reconnects with to his mother, now called Faith Shabazz, and his father, Isaiah, the "black Captain America", whose mind had been severely damaged by the Super Soldier treatment. In 2002, Josiah is anonymously sent an authentic Captain America uniform.

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