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Crucible (1993) Complete Set

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The new Impact Era CRUCIBLE #1. The Crusaders have vanished, and 17-year-old Nate Cray (the Black Hood) receives a vision of the future from an enigmatic tribune calling itself the Tomorrow Men - images of an evil, deadly Comet, now devoid of humanity and posing the greatest threat the world has ever known. With the remaining Crusaders missing, no power on Earth may be able to stop the corrupt Comet. Compelled to assume the mantle of Earth's protector, Cray leaves behind the life he has known as he sets out in search of a man the world has long presumed dead - racing against a countdown to impending doom.

CRUCIBLE chronicles eight turbulent years in the lives of three Impact heroes: The Shield, the Black Hood and the Comet. The cataclysmic circumstances that draw them together result in startling, unexpected changes for the Impact Universe, as each hero grapples with the vast changes in the world...and in themselves!

Written by Brian Augustyn and Mark Waid, with layouts by Joe Quesada, pencils by Chuck Wojtkiewicz and inks by Jimmy Palmiotti. Cover by Quesada and Joe Rubinstein.

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