Daredevil (1964 1st Series) #246 CBCS 7.0

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"Target: Death!" Written by Marv Wolfman and Jim Shoorter. Pencils by Gil Kane (pages 1-12) and Bob Brown (pages 13-17). Inks by Jim Mooney. Cover art by Dave Cockrum.

DD takes down Stone, an employee of Maxwell Glenn, who has just taken a sniper shot at D.A. Foggy Nelson. When Matt and Heather confront her father, he claims to know nothing about Stone's activities. DD finds that Bullseye is back in town and the two battle. Bullseye knocks Daredevil out with a cardboard "paper" airplane and ties him to a giant arrow which he plans to shoot out of a giant crossbow right into side of the cliffs of New Jersey. Notes: Third appearance of Bullseye.

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