Detective Comics (1937 1st Series) #706 -

Detective Comics (1937 1st Series) #706

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Cover pencils by Graham Nolan, inks by Karl Kesel. "Lethal Pursuits" starring Batman, Query, Echo, Ridder, Cluemaster, and Oracle, script by Chuck Dixon, pencils by Graham Nolan, inks by David Roach

Riddler tells Batman that they only have 15 minutes to decipher his clue before he detonates the explosives in in Arthur Brown's vest; Batman and Robin decipher the clues but they remain unclear; Batman tells Robin to go to the Batcave, contact Oracle and get her help with Riddler's clues; Meanwhile, Batman locks Brown inside the Batmobile's truck and travels to the next address where Riddler would give them the next set of clues; Batman battles Query and Echo.

36 pgs., full color. Cover price $1.95.

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