Doc Savage (1987 1st DC Series) Complete Set -

Doc Savage (1987 1st DC Series) Complete Set

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"Into the Silver Pyramid!" - Written by Dennis O'Neil. Art and Cover by Adam Kubert and Andy Kubert. Doc Savage, the first "super-hero" superstar of the century, is back! His exploits filled the imaginations of pulp magazine readers throughout the 1930's to 1950's...but the Doc Savage of this mini-series is definitely a hero for the 1980's -- and beyond! Whatever happened to Clark Savage, Jr., the original Doc Savage, on what was possibly his last mission into the jungles of Central America? (It was 1945 and on the week before his wedding,

Doc Savage had set out to stop an escaped Nazi war criminal.) And whatever became of his wife and only son, left in the care of his most trusted companions, Ham, Monk, Long Tom, and the rest? The answers are here, in a saga spanning nearly four decades and three generations of the incredible Savage legacy. Explore the legend of Doc Savage and witness how the legend affected the lives of those around him...and those expected to follow in his giant footprints! This mini-series is written by Dennis O'Neil and features the pencils of Adam Kubert and inks of Andy Kubert. It's a creative team to match the awesome power of the incredible Man of Bronze!

32 pages, full color. Cover price $1.75.

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