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Fear (1970) #12

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Cover pencils by Jim Starlin, inks by Herb Trimpe. "No Choice of Colors!", script by Steve Gerber, pencils by Jim Starlin, inks by Rich Buckler

Wallace Corlee the hateful, racist sheriff of Topequa, Florida, pursues a black man named Mark Jackson into the swamplands outside of town; Corlee shoots Jackson in the shoulder, but the refugee manages to evade capture until he finally collapses from exhaustion; When he revives he finds the Man-Thing standing in front of him; He tells the Man-Thing that the sheriff framed him for a burglary and is chasing him because Mark was romantically involved with a white woman. "The Face of Horror," script by Stan Lee, art by Russ Heath; Derck Winters is possibly the ugliest man in the world; Trapped within a sad existence, Derck's shame prevents him from forming any social bonds including friendships, romantic relationships or the ability to hold a job; He once consulted a plastic surgeon, but the doctor told him that there was only man in the world skillful enough to change his face.

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