Ground Pound! Comix (1987) #1 -

Ground Pound! Comix (1987) #1

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Stories by John Pound, Mark Evanier and Peter Max. Art by John Pound and Peter Max. Cover by John Pound.

A collection of stories from underground cartoonist John Pound, perhaps best known for his work on the Garbage Pail Kids. The stories feature Pounds tendency toward wordplay, and include tributes to the funny-animal cartoons and EC Comics of his youth. Ronalds Surprise Birthday; The Jolly Adventures of Pete Pig and his Magic Hatband; Monster Make-up No. 147 -- The Wolfman; Ronald The Barbarian; The Wishing World; A Boy and His Dorrg!; Flip the Bird; Dr. Flip; Dreams; Macho Motor; The Maltese Phallus; A Separate Unreality.

48 pages, B&W. Mature readers. Cover price $2.00.

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