House of Mystery (1951 1st Series) #215 -

House of Mystery (1951 1st Series) #215

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Cover art by Luis Dominguez. "The Man Who Wanted Power Over Women," script by Michael Fleisher and Maxene Fabe, art by Rico Rival; Walter buys a potion to make himself a hit with women, but the vial falls into the wrong hands. Behind the Scenes at the DC Comic World ad. "Your Corpse Shall I Carve!", script by George Kashdan, art by Gerry Talaoc; An artist kills all the models he carves until a model with mythical power arrives to avenge them. Cain's Game Room cartoon page by Sergio Aragonés. "Brain Food," script by Maxene Fabe, art by Fred Carrillo; Aliens use gumballs in their plan for world domination.

36 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.20.

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