House of Secrets (1956 1st Series) #112 -

House of Secrets (1956 1st Series) #112

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Cover art by Luis Dominguez. "The Witch Doctor's Magic Cloak," script by Michael Fleisher (script) and Russell Carley (art continuity), art by Rudy Nebres

A man steals a magic cloak from a witch doctor that has the power to re-grow limbs that have been torn off from animal attacks; In revenge, the witch doctor wraps the man in the cloak and generates various appendages all sprouting from different locations on his body. "The Case of the Demon Spawn!", script by Gerry Conway (as Gerard Conway), art by Luis Dominguez; Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (not the names used by the writer) are targeted by a pack of vampires because of their skepticism of the supernatural; They manage to escape, but not before Holmes is bitten by one of them. Holmes, in turn, puts the bite on Dr. Watson.

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