Invisibles (1999 3rd Series) #11 -

Invisibles (1999 3rd Series) #11

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Written by Grant Morrison. Art by Warren Pleece and Philip Bond. Cover by Brian Bolland.

Satanstorm - Part Two Britannia; Learn the secret history of Division X, as the conspiracy cops search for the Royal Monster, not to mention their main man, Detective Flint, who was abducted and tortured last issue; Meanwhile, King Mob travels from India to Delhi to swap stories with Mister Six and swap spit with a pretty new Invisible. NOTE: This series runs backwards! #12 was the first released, #11 the second, etc. with #1 being the last to come out. That's why lower numbers in this series have LATER cover dates than high-numbered issues.

36 pgs., full color. $2.95. Cover price $2.95.

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