Invisibles (1999 3rd Series) #9 -

Invisibles (1999 3rd Series) #9

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Written by Grant Morrison. Art by Warren Pleece and Philip Bond. Cover by Brian Bolland.

Satanstorm - Part Four Digging up Beryl; King Mob and the newest Invisible team up to save Inspector Flint from a harrowing death; Meanwhile, Lord Fanny finds a new friend and Jack Frost uncovers a connection between Barbelith and the C.I.A. NOTE: This series runs backwards! #12 was the first released, #11 the second, etc. with #1 being the last to come out. That's why lower numbers in this series have LATER cover dates than high-numbered issues.

36 pgs., full color. $2.95. Cover price $2.95.

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