Journey into Mystery (1972 2nd series) #5 -

Journey into Mystery (1972 2nd series) #5

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Cover by Gil Kane and Frank Giacoia. The Shadow from the Steeple!, script by Ron Goulart (adaptation) and Robert Bloch (original story), art by Rich Buckler and Frank Giacoia;

Edmund Fiske wants to discover the truth behind the deaths of two of his friends but when he does he is killed by the same demon who killed the others. For Love of Money!, script by Kevin Frost, art by Win Mortimer and Ernie Chan (as Ernie Chua); Lyle married Melissa for her money, but his greed is no match for her family curse. An Invasion of Privacy, script by John Albano and Marv Wolfman, art by Paul Reinman, Mike Esposito, and George Roussos; Martin Xavier's mania for privacy eventually leads him to perform a terrible operation on his wife, which in turn leads to his own death.

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