Marvel Team-Up (1997 2nd Series) #4 -

Marvel Team-Up (1997 2nd Series) #4

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"Suspended Sentience!" Guest-starring Spider-Man and the Man-Thing. Script by Tom Peyer. Pencils by Josh Hood. Inks by Andrew Pepoy. Cover by Darick Robertson and Eric Cannon.

At last the wall-crawler is back in New York City! But the ongoing events in the Heroes Reborn The Return (1997) limited series are causing chaos in the Big Apple! An elderly man finds one of the norn stones and somehow establishes an emotional and physical connection with the Man-Thing! The Authority alerts the web-slinger to the pending crisis! And the amazing one tries to calm the tormented swamp creature! But beware Spidey! Anyone that shows fear...burns at the Man-Thing's touch! Cameo appearance by the Sandman. 

32 pages. Cover price $1.99.

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