Nevada (1998) #4 -

Nevada (1998) #4

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Sucked skyward by the Nile Casino's laser beam and deposited into another dimension, the showgirl Nevada confronts all her mysterious hauntings at once: exploding sheep, a clockwork Neanderthal, depressing songs from the '60s, and a futuristic city with a freakish palace guard. Has she had a mental breakdown? Was it something in the Las Vegas water? Will she escape Caligula's orgy in time for work? Meanwhile, Nevada's disappearance means bad news--sometimes leading to convulsions and death--for some of her friends on Earth.

Written by Steve Gerber. Art by Phil Winslade and Steve Leialoha. Painted cover by Phil Winslade.

Mature Readers. FC, 32 pg. Rebax Format. Cover price $2.50.

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