Original Black Cat (1989) Complete Set

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Cover by Al Gabriele. Stories and art by Bob Haney, Bill Draut and Lee Elias. Reprints of Harvey's early female superhero Black Cat, a martial artist with a lasso and a double life as a Hollywood starlet. Tim Turner buys the old Blasco Theater to fix it up, unaware counterfeiters have adopted it as a hideout, and they try to scare him off. A day-in-the-life story features Linda Turner making a jungle movie in an outfit similar to jungle hero Sheena. While filming on location as Linda, Black Cat learns that drug smugglers have taken over a tropical island. Bondage cover by Al Gabriele. Ghost of Blasco; Judo Tricks; Linda Turner Goes to a Party; Skull Island Beasts.

32 pages, Full Color. Cover price $2.00.

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