Sandman (1989 2nd Series) #50 -

Sandman (1989 2nd Series) #50

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His name was Haroun Al Raschid, King of Kings, Prince of the Faithful, and he was the Caliph of Baghdad when it was the Jewel of Arabia. The ruler of a vast empire, he gathered around him the finest men, the loveliest women and the wiliest magicians in his domain. Haroun Al Raschid was a good ruler and wise, but he knew a great secret, one that left a black stain on his heart. There was one thing he desired that he could not possess - immortality, though not for himself - and there was only one who could grant it to him - the Lord of Dreams. In "Ramadan," the 50th issue of THE SANDMAN, Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell collaborate to tell a fabulous tale straight out of the Arabian Nights, the story of a Palace of Wonders and one of the myriad ways that a dream can be born. Drawing on both centuries-old myths and yesterday's news, Gaiman has composed a bitter-sweet fable about fables. Russell's finely detailed renderings give life to Gaiman's vision of a glorious, mythical past. This 48-page celebration also features an exclusive gallery of interpretations of the Sandman by Todd McFarlane, Dave McKean, Scott McCloud, Michael Kaluta, John Totleben, Michael Zulli and Jill Karla Schwartz. The wraparound black cover with multiple metallic inks is by McKean.

Suggested for Mature Readers. New Format. Cover price $2.95.

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