Sensational Spider-Man (1996 1st Series) #16 -

Sensational Spider-Man (1996 1st Series) #16

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"Paralyzed!" Part 1 of 3. Script by Todd Dezago. Pencils by Mike Wieringo. Inks by Richard Case. Cover by Mike Wieringo and Richard Case.

The Prowler is back on the streets! But who is he? The original Prowler, Hobie Brown, is out of commission following his near-fatal accident (in Spider-Man Unlimited 14). Inauspiciously, the new Prowler soon discovers that the old Prowler has a few enemies around town! Most notably... the vindictive Vulture! Is it too late to give the costume back? Cameo appearances by Mary Jane Watson, Anna Watson, Billy Walters, J. Jonah Jameson, and Mindy Brown. Second story: "Brother's Keeper 2" Script by Todd Dezago. Art by Richard Case. Dr. Kafka summons the web-slinger to Ravencroft Institute to calm down D.K.! But Ben Reilly was the man underneath the mask when B.K. first appeared (in Spectacular Spider-Man 230). Does the original web-slinger know what to do? 

40 pages. Cover price $1.95.

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