Sensational Spider-Man (1996 1st Series) #17 -

Sensational Spider-Man (1996 1st Series) #17

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"Helpless!" Part 2 of 3. Script by Todd Dezago. Pencils by Mike Wieringo. Inks by Richard Case. Cover by Mike Wieringo and Richard Case.

The web-slinger tracks the new Prowler to his secret apartment! But so does the Vulture! Inside the cramped quarters, the three costumed adversaries battle for the upper hand! Who will come out on top? Cameo appearances by Billy Walters and Hobie Brown. Second story: "Brother's Keeper, Too" Script by Todd Dezago. Art by Richard Case. The wall-crawler calms D.K. down, but not before he kills two security guards! What is Dr. Kafka going to do now? 

40 pages. Cover price $1.95.

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