Shotgun Mary (1995) CD Edition #1CD -

Shotgun Mary (1995) CD Edition #1CD

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Comics with CD. Compact Disc Edition cover by Joseph Wight. Story by Herb Mallette. Art by Joseph Wight, plus pinups by Fred Perry, mpc, Shon Howell and Pat Kelley. A spin-off from Warrior Nun Areala, featuring a rogue nun with a penchant for bikes and big guns. Investigating a young womans murder, Mary encounters a family that is making sacrifices to demons, but she may be too late to stop what theyve summoned. Also featuring Shotgun Mary pin-ups from various artists in the Atlantic Press stable. This edition of the comic shipped with a CD containing a demon-stomping soundtrack by retro-synthpop band Pink Filth. Includes CD. 32 pages, Full Color. Cover price $8.95.

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