Shotgun Mary Shooting Gallery (1996) #1 -

Shotgun Mary Shooting Gallery (1996) #1

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Story by Herb Mallette. Art by Pete Woods, Steve Powell, Rich Pollard, Michael-Anthony Lisboa, Jochen Weltjens, Paul H. Way, Bryant Velez, and John Bounds. Cover by Jochen Weltjens. A spin-off from Warrior Nun Areala, featuring four short tales of the rogue nun with a penchant for bikes and big guns. Mary plays hardball with a demonic Little League team; a demon learns that Mary's still deadly even when shes in the tub; Mary pursues a courier from Hell; a filmmaker makes a movie about Shotgun Mary. Beelzeball; Splish, Splash; Bike Messenger from Hell; Interview with the Demon Hunter. 32 pages, Full Color. Cover price $2.95.

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