Showcase 95 (1995) #7 -

Showcase 95 (1995) #7

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Cover art by Christian Alamy. "Exit to Eden" (Part 1), script by Peter J. Tomasi, pencils by Scot Eaton, inks by Pam Eklund

Trapped on a penal colony, Mongul is forced to relive his origins and his greatest nightmare; After one failed escape, Mongul organizes a prison riot. "Hiding Place on Rye, Hold the Mayo," script by Paul Kupperberg, pencils by Mike Huddleston, inks by Mark Propst; In a small deli on the lower east side of Manhattan, ancient Atlanteans Arion and Chaon continue to debate the merits of good versus evil. "A Shadow Over Eden," script by Scott Ciencin, pencils by Ramon Bernado, inks by Joe Rubinstein; After four victims to an unknown entity on New Genesis, one of the New Gods escapes death to report to Highfather and Lightray of a living shadow; Meanwhile, Orion also catches a glimpse of the shadow.

52 pgs., full color. $2.95. Cover price $2.95.

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