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Spectacular Spider-Man (1976 1st Series) #219

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"Two of a Kind" Back from the Edge Part 4 of 4. Guest-starring Daredevil. Plot by Tom DeFalco. Script by Todd Dezago. Pencils by Sal Buscema. Inks by Scott Hanna. Cover by Sal Buscema and Michel Le.

Story continues from Amazing Spider-Man 396. Daredevil and the wall-crawler battle the Owl and the Vulture over the skies of New York City! The Man Without Fear is in top form! But the amazing one is in bad shape due to the deadly virus coursing through his veins! Eventually the heroes abandon the fight in order to find an antidote for the web-slinger! But it turns out that the Owl is the only person with the cure! Fortunately though, the Man Without Fear locates the Vulture's lair! And Spider-Man and Daredevil engage their aerial adversaries again! They must score a quick victory! Before time runs out! Cameo appearances by Mary Jane Watson and Philip Watson.

32 pages. Cover price $1.50.

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