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Spider-Man Unlimited (1993 1st Series) #14

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"Game's End" Script by Glenn Herdling. Pencils by Joe Bennett. Inks by Tom Dzon and Joe Pimentel. Cover by Joe Bennett.

The Great Game has been rampaging through the Spider-titles for the past several months! And it finally comes to a head in this overstuffed tale! All the key contestants including Polestar, Joystick, El Toro Negro, Nightwatch, Cardiac, Chance, the Prowler, and Rocket Racer show up for the final match! And the Sensational Spider-Man (aka Ben Reilly) will have to separate the good guys from the bad guys! Who will take home the grand prize from the Great Game? Appearances by Betty Brant, Peter Parker, Joe Robertson, J. Jonah Jameson, Marla Madison Jameson, Ken Ellis, Roderick Kingsley, James Johnsmeyer, and Justin Hammer. Final appearance of Nightwatch. 

64 pages. Cover price $2.95.

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